Treats in store for movie buffs

Nebraska ANL-140313-162505001
Nebraska ANL-140313-162505001
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Inside the South Holland Centre

Fans of art house movies, foreign language films, film studies’ students and general all-round movie buffs should keep an eye on the centre’s Monday Movie Club programme, currently screening fortnightly in the main auditorium.

This strand of the centre’s programme includes the best of world cinema, and movies are introduced by film enthusiast Karl Gernert, or a special guest speaker.

The next special screening is Alexander Payne’s road movie ‘Nebraska’ on Monday, which stars Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern as an elderly and confused, hard-drinking man who becomes convinced by a magazine sweepstakes mailer that he has won a million dollars – dragging his family across America to claim his prize.

Shot in lustrous black and white to great sombre effect, ‘Nebraska’ is a heartfelt portrayal of the search for meaning in the fading years of life.

Meanwhile, ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ on April 7 follows one week in the life of a young folk singer who, with guitar and ginger cat in tow, struggles to make it in the early 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene.

The visionary and idiosyncratic Coen brothers’ latest offering received critical acclaim on release and the movie was duly nominated for best cinematography and best sound mixing at this year’s Academy Awards – lead actor Oscar Isaac sings beautifully, and cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel makes every scene feel like an album cover photo shoot.

The season’s final Monday Movie Club screening on April 28 is a visually captivating treat from start to finish.

Wes Anderson’s colourful comedy ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ centres on the bizarre adventures of a dandy concierge and the lobby boy working at the famous European hotel between the wars.

With a sterling cast including Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum, this recent release is turning out to be a big hit with the critics. The screening will be introduced by expert film programmer, Alan Alderson Smith.

Staying on the film theme, and in anticipation of ‘The Lego Movie’ screenings over Easter, the centre is seeking movie makers to make a short Lego movie of their own, using stop-frame animation techniques.

Films will be entered into a competition (in conjunction with Beales) for the chance to win some Lego tickets to see the movie at the centre; and perhaps best of all, to have their film played before all six of the centre’s ‘The Lego Movie’ screenings.

Full details are on our website or pick up a flyer at the box office.