Woman relives accident scare in Crowland

Trace Beech shows some of her injuries after she was struck by a car in Crowland on Bonfire Night.
Trace Beech shows some of her injuries after she was struck by a car in Crowland on Bonfire Night.
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A woman from Crowland has spoken about her lucky escape after being struck by a car in the town on Bonfire Night.

Tracé Beech suffered a fractured right arm, broken nose, leg injury and cuts to the face after she was “knocked off her feet” when a car hit her on Thorney Road last Monday.

Miss Beech (47), of Oak Square, was walking towards Snowden Pavilion to collect her son from a youth club when the accident happened and she was taken to Peterborough City Hospital for treatment.

She said: “I was at my friend’s house in Thorney Road where I lost track of time and realised I had to get my son from youth club.

“I was walking on the footpath on one side of the road, wearing a grey hoodie because it was cold and raining, when I heard this car coming up quite quickly behind me.

“I didn’t turn round but as it came past, the wing mirror clipped my right arm and knocked me off my feet.

“I crashed to the ground on my face and started crying when a car stopped and a couple jumped out to help me.”

Miss Beech said she was waiting to hear from the hospital if her right knee needed further treatment after taking the brunt of the fall.

She added: “My friend came running from her house because she’d seen and heard all the people, gave me a blanket and lent my back up against the wall.

“My son was devastated when he saw me and couldn’t believe I looked like I did.”

Police are still trying to trace the driver of a silver car who drove off after the accident and Miss Beech said she hoped they felt “guilty” about the accident.

“It was scary because you don’t think it’s going to happen to you, but Thorney Road has always been a problem because it’s dark and not very well lit,” she said.

“In a way, I’m glad the accident happened to me because if it was a child or elderly person, they would have ended up a lot worse than me.

“I hope the person who did this is feeling guilty.”