New A1073 bypass: not enough accidents for safety cameras

THERE have not been enough fatal or serious injury accidents on the new £80million Spalding to Peterborough road to warrant putting up speed cameras, according to a safety expert.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle called on drivers to slow down and think more carefully before overtaking while on the new A1073, after drivers raised fears of more serious accidents on the road.

He said that speed cameras are a “last resort” and that tight finances mean they cannot be put up until other safety steps have been explored.

Mr Siddle said: “There have been some incidents but, as far as the data goes, there probably haven’t been enough incidents. People have to be killed or seriously injured to warrant speed cameras being there.

“If every time we got a speed complaint we automatically went and put up a speed camera you would see one every hundred yards and that’s not feasible.

“The overriding fact is that people have got to drive within the speed limit or lower than that and be mindful of the surroundings and take extra care.”

Mr Siddle said that an audit was carried out before the road opened to make sure it was as safe as possible. He said it would not have been practical to make the road a duel carriageway and that that would not have reduced the speed of motorists.

He urged people to remember that they do not know this road as well as others in the area and so should be doubly wary.

Mr Siddle added: “This is a new road and people don’t have years of experience of riding on it and people have got to take that into account.

“People should plan their journey and give themselves plenty of time. If you’re going to be late just accept that you’re going to be late. Anybody would rather you be late than never turn up at all.

“It’s just not worth overtaking to save ten seconds.”