Lorry hitting fence backs mum’s worry

Dawn Adams and Don Smith look at where the fence used to stand in Seas End Road, Moulton Seas End.
Dawn Adams and Don Smith look at where the fence used to stand in Seas End Road, Moulton Seas End.
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A MUM returned from posting letters calling for improved road safety outside her home to find a lorry had ploughed into her garden where hours earlier her daughters had been building a snowman.

Dawn Adams was riled into writing to MP John Hayes, the parish council and the head of highways after her daughter was left shaking with fear by a series of close encounters with cars as she walked along Seas End Road, Moulton Seas End, to catch the bus to school on Monday morning.

Mrs Adams said her nine-year-old is now becoming too afraid to leave the house as speeding cars negotiate the blind bend near their home.

After delivering a letter outlining her concerns and asking for the road to be reassessed for traffic calming to the parish councillor, her fears were brought home when she got back to find large tyre tracks in the snow on her front lawn and her neighbour’s fence decimated.

Her neighbour, Don Smith said: “It is only a matter of time before there is a fatality.

“The day before this happened Dawn’s girls were both out the front building a snowman and if this lorry or tractor had gone off the road then it would almost certainly have killed them both.

“This is the second time my fence has been knocked down. Last time the posts were concreted in really well, which would have stopped a normal car, but this vehicle has just snapped the posts and the driver hasn’t even stopped to apologise or anything.

“Part of the problem is that drivers come round here too fast. There is a 30mph speed limit but you wouldn’t know it as a lot of cars come round here at 50mph or even 60mph.”

Mrs Adams says Seas End Road was last assessed for traffic calming in 2007, but the amount of traffic using the road has grown considerably since then and is asking Lincolnshire County Council highways to reassess it.

She said: “Cars refuse to move over because it is a blind bend but then come within inches of people walking along the roadside.

“Something desperately needs to be done before someone is killed.”