TRAFFIC: Please don’t park in our estate roads

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It was Hallowe’en and there were firework displays, together with accompanied children “trick or treating”.

Why do some people consider estate roads suitable for parking in order to attend the firework displays? Or perhaps the question should be: Why do the organisers not wish cars to be parked in the area of the display?

When returning home on Friday at 8pm the left-hand side of the road leading onto the estate where I live was completely full of parked cars, all presumably at the firework display.

It was necessary for me to drive on the right-hand side of the road in order to pass these cars, which resulted in meeting another car head-on coming towards me.

This is not acceptable. People have a right to access their own homes without having to risk life and limb in order to get there.

I would like to be able to say that this sort of thing only happens at Halloween. Sadly, it happens every time there is an event at the rugby club or at the grammar school.

Please would you ask those people parking their cars to be more considerate of those that need to pass by.

Rosalind Sharman