Timeless balladry that’s full of Irish cream

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If you are looking for timeless boyband balladry, then the latest album from Boyzone is the one for you.

BZ20 is a declaration of staying power from four guys who have survived the last 20 years in pop music,

Their fifth studio album features the first new material since 2010’s Brother and is pretty much what you would expect.

It’s packed with ballads that will have mum singing along to the ironing and a few tracks that are surprisingly likeable - even for a Take That fan.

The unmistakable voice of Ronan Keating stands out a lot but there are some great harmonies from the rest of the group - Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham and Shane Lynch - that could teach the next X Factor hopefuls a thing or two.

Singles to note are Love Will Save The Day, Who Are We, Everything I Own and Centre of Gravity - pure Irish cream only served with a portion of cheese on top when the pace picks up for If We Try and Light Up The Night.

But if you are a fan, you’ll forgive them for still being able to do what they enjoy and putting out an album that isn’t just a compilation of their greatest hits.

It may be a bit late to really enjoy the Christmas song that’s plonked on the end, but you can always just sit back, relax and enjoy the memory.