Time to celebrate South Holland’s chippies

National Chip Week is February 17-23.
National Chip Week is February 17-23.
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Fish and chips has been the fast meal of choice for Britons for over 150 years.

And so it’s understandable that our chippies are recognised with a week of their own – National Chip Week, which runs from February 17-23.

The week aims to highlight the freshness, good value and great tradition of Britain’s high street chippies – and inspire the nation to tuck into a tasty portion.

Let’s face it, fish and chips are filling, tasty and affordable, particularly if you’re feeding a family.

Chippies work long hours to produce the fish and chips we enjoy so much – or burgers, sausages and even kebabs these days.

We all have our favourites, chosen perhaps because of the delicious, crispy batter and locally sourced fish that they use.

Or it might be the chips: do you prefer yours nice and crisp and chunky or slightly on the soggy side?

We all know when our fish and chips has been freshly cooked to order, rather than sitting in the fat in the hopes that someone will buy.

It’s also something more difficult to put a finger on – happy staff with time for a natter or who know your order before you’ve stepped through the door, perhaps.

See our newspapers for special offers at your local chippies.