Thought for the Week: A poem especially for Valentine’s Day

Love, a word we so freely use,

Yet which has about it a sense of mystery

Speaking of the deep bond between us,

That special chemistry.

Love, that weathers life’s ups and downs,

That expresses itself in treats and chocolates

And in a thousand other ways

Between the two of us.

Love, a word which speaks of God

For ‘God is love’, so different from

The caricatures and bizarre ideas

Some seem to have.

Love. Which sent Jesus to the cross,

Freely going, freely giving of Himself

So that our sin-stained life might be washed clean

And we become the ‘children of God.’

Love. So real, so powerful, so moving.

The love of God, beckoning us to follow Him.

Revd. Anthony Walker, Minister of Spalding Baptist Church