THE HIGH LIFE by Spalding High School students

The students meet John Hayes.
The students meet John Hayes.
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On Friday, January 10 Hannah Greenacre and Eleanor Toal interviewed the Rt Hon John Hayes MP for the Easter edition of The High Quarterly.

Students in all year groups had the opportunity to submit questions and a selection were chosen and posed to Mr Hayes.

Mr Hayes answered an array of questions: some on current political topics and others with a more personal focus such as his experiences as a local MP and what he likes most about the South Holland area (which includes the area’s rural authenticity, down-to-earth people and the immensity of the flat landscape).

What is more, Sarah Long in 7P was keen to know if our MP has any New Year’s resolutions. It is thought that only 20 per cent of people maintain their January pledges into February so, Mr Hayes, what are your resolutions for 2014?

“My new year’s resolution is probably to try and spend more intensive time with my children. But it is not easy to reconcile with my job! There is the New Year’s Resolution that one has every year which is to read more novels that you haven’t read. I am always half-toying with the idea of learning to play a musical instrument, but I have been resolving to do that for so many years that I am not sure that it is ever going to come true. I would like to go back to Italy and maybe to spend less money on ties!”

To read more questions and responses from our interview and Mr Hayes’ views on the rise in tuition fees (have they improved the quality of university education?), alternatives to wind turbines as a source of green energy, the gay marriage bill and more, dip into the Easter edition of the High Quarterly.

Poetry success for Emma

Following the success of Eleanor Toal in the Poetry By Heart competition last year, the school decided to re-enter with the hope of once again proceeding to the national finals at the National Portrait Gallery.

This year’s school heat was held on December 16 and saw three hopefuls deliver their chosen poems ‘by heart’.

Judges were called in and the drama studio was prepared, the competition could now begin.

After a morning’s worth of poetry recital the winner was finally chosen.

Emma Howell, a year 12 student, was crowned victor and will now compete in the rgional final on Friday, February 7.