THANKS: You all made switch-on special

The winning choir from St Johns School,  Spalding
The winning choir from St Johns School, Spalding
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We would like to thank everyone for their help at last Friday’s Christmas Lights switch-on – without you this successful event would never have had so many people in the town.

Thank you firstly to everyone involved in the Tulip Queen competition and for the prizes we received for the event.

The two Queens will benefit hugely in their role as ambassadors for South Holland. Thank you to our MP John Hayes, Kat Wakefield from the Lincolnshire Free Press and Dan Povey from Fancy Frox who all kindly gave their time to judge the competition and give amazing prizes as well as Hills Department Store, Flowers & Things, Strands of Spalding and Wayne Fitzgerald.

Thank you to all the teachers, families and friends who spent so much time with the children, teaching the students their songs. They entertained us and kept the judges busy.

They were all winners in the judges’ eyes. They found the job very difficult and wanted you all to know they had a good afternoon. Thank you to David and his team for the loan of the stage – without it a lot of people would not have been able to see the children singing their song and looking so happy.

The winners were as follows:

Bakkavor - 1st St John the Baptist Primary School, Spalding; 2nd Ayscoughfee Hall School, Spalding; 3rd The Priory School, Spalding. Thanks to Bakkavor, Hughes Electrical, AlleyCatz, Sainsbury’s and the Free Press for giving prizes.

Thank you also to the judges.

A big thank you to the Kirton Brass Band and Holbeach Brass Band who played so well to the community in the Market Place and to Diamondz Dance Troupe who showed us their dance routines.

Also, thanks to Councillors Gary Taylor, Angela Newton, Graham Dark, George Aley, Elizabeth Sneath and Roger Perkins for helping to make this event a success with your very kind support.

Thank you to the Spalding Marching Ambassadors for a tremendous job for the ‘finale’. It was wonderful to hear you play and see you march down the road bringing in the Tulip Queen, Santa, John Hayes, Joseph, Georgie and the deputy Queen. Thank you to Nigel Wilkins for supporting the Spalding Marching Ambassadors.

Thank you to Dennis Hannant and Peter Jay for entertaining us in the afternoon whilst we were waiting for Santa.

A very big thanks to Mike and the team for all the help with barriers, stage and difficult problems that only you could have helped us with, also for the help and support over the months leading up to the event.

Thank you also to Emily and Maxine for your guidance and support with the whole event and David for doing all those important reports to make the event safe and possible.

We are also grateful to Mark Furneaux and Graham for coming in case we needed First Aid – thank heavens we didn’t.

Also, the Royal Naval Association, helping us with the children on and off the stage, providing gifts and sweets for the students and being stewards with us all day.

To all those people who came and helped us steward the event as the crowds got bigger: James Holland, Dave Charlesworth, the Police and especially to the Army, Navy and RAF Cadets and Chris Bone for his contacts and helping to bring this together.

Your help to make the event safe was appreciated and to the wonderful people who entertained us and came back to help steward for the ‘finale’, and the Fire Service for attending the event and cheering with the crowds.

Thank you to Nigel at Baytree for delivering such a great tree for us all and to the Chamber for organising once again some more amazing new lights – they looked extra special this year.

If I have missed anyone out I am sorry – we were so grateful to you all for coming and making this event entertaining and a success.

Please pass on our thanks to everyone in your teams, schools choirs, teachers, parents and acts who have helped us to make the event possible. If Tulip Radio can help you with anything, please do not hesitate to ask, it has been a pleasure working with you all.

Jan Whitbourn

Tulip Radio