Terminal cancer sufferer is an inspiration

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A TERMINAL cancer patient from Spalding is urging other sufferers to keep fighting after defying doctor’s predictions about how long he was going to live.

Ady Day (53) was given eight to 12 months to live by doctors, but 16 months later is still battling his illness.

Now he wants to meet other people who are going through the same ordeal to give help and support.

Mr Day, of St Paul’s Road, says he was inspired to keep fighting his cancer after reading Ron Thomson’s story in the Spalding Guardian in October.

At the time, Mr Thomson, of Moulton Chapel, was still going strong a year-and-a-half after he was told he only had six months left to live.

Mr Day started feeling ill a couple of years ago with complaints of back and stomach pain.

After seeing a specialist, an abnormality with his pancreas was found.

Further scans and tests revealed a tumour on Mr Day’s pancreas, which was later found to be cancerous.

“I asked if they could remove it but they said no,” said Mr Day. “They told me there were blood vessels around it and if they cut through them I would die on the table.”

Mr Day was then transferred to the care of Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, where he underwent chemotherapy.

He said: “I went through hell. I was still at work as a bus driver for Fowlers. I did the school run in the morning and then went to have chemotherapy.

“In the afternoon someone else did my job.”

The chemotherapy appeared to slow the tumour’s growth and Mr Day says he was told he could have radiotherapy.

His latest five-week chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment finished on Christmas Eve.

He managed to drive himself to every session, even when snowy weather brought much of the county to a standstill.

“You just have to keep going and keep going,” he said. “There have been times where I feel like I don’t want to wake up. I’m now starting to feel better and I’m hoping to return to work soon.

“On my last week of treatment I was told I was doing really well because a lot of people can not cope with the full course.

“They told me I was remarkable.”

Mr Day added: “If there is anyone out there and the doctors say you will be dead in 12 months, say to yourself I am going to fight it.

“Whatever they throw at you have a damn good go.”

l Anyone who would like to contact Mr Day can call him on 01775 760447.