Task group talks with council

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Holbeach Parish Council will be urged not to pull out of the area’s CCTV service when it meets task group members on Monday.

The meeting at the council’s offices in West End, Holbeach, takes place just a fortnight after it were heavily criticised for deciding to cut its £5,500 contribution to the CCTV service in South Holland as it tries to trim its 2013-14 budget by about £18,000.

All three district councillors for Holbeach attended a parish council meeting where they claimed the loss of CCTV in the town would leave it open to crime and disorder.

Coun Martin Howard, district councillor and member of the task group, said: “I hope the parish council will see sense and decide not to opt out of CCTV.

“This is ludicrous and I just can’t believe where the council is from.

“It’s going down the road of wanting evidence that CCTV helps convict criminals before putting the money up when it’s actually a tool the police use to secure a conviction.

“We’ve live in a society where people have no respect and I strongly believe we must keep CCTV in Holbeach.”

But Coun Paul Brighton, chairman of the parish council’s finance committee, said: “We have various objections about the benefits of CCTV cameras, one of them being that the beneficiaries are mainly banks, shops and other commercial premises.

“But they are expecting the current parishioners, whose properties aren’t covered by CCTV, to pay for it.

“My feeling is that the police and commercial retailers should contribute to it.”