Students create tactile handrail

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DEAFBLIND students from two specialist educational resource centres in south Lincolnshire have found a novel way to reach out to the community.

Residents crossing Money Bridge in West Pinchbeck may have noticed a new tactile handrail with personalised ceramic coin-shaped decorations.

The rail was the idea of students from the Bourne Resource Centre on South Fen Road, and the Glenside Resource Centre in West Pinchbeck, both run by national deafblind charity Sense.

More than 20 students with a range of hearing and sight impairments took part in the project and they traced their profiles onto templates using raised ink and then moulded around the outlines with clay that was fired and glazed to create the coins.

As well as the student’s heads, the coins feature symbols from the Braille and Moon alphabets.

Glenside Centre student Damian Graves (18) said: “Making the coins was great fun. We’re all very proud of the final result and hope that members of the community find the handrail informative and useful.”