Stormy winds cause chaos in South Holland

Branches blown down by strong winds and cleared from the A151 between Spalding and Weston.
Branches blown down by strong winds and cleared from the A151 between Spalding and Weston.
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UPDATE WEDNESDAY 4.30PM: More than 1,000 homes in parts of South Holland are without power after strong winds brought down power lines in several villages.

People in Donington, Gosberton and Quadring had their power supplies disrupted after overhead cables were blown down in North Drove, Quadring, at about 2.30pm today

Engineers are currently working to restore power to almost 50 homes that are still without electricity but a Western Power Distribution spokesman warned that it may take up to two hours before things get back to normal.

The spokesman said: “Some overhead cable lines came down in the North Drove area of Quadring at around 2.30pm, resulting in 1,100 properties being without power.

“We’ve restored the vast majority of these but there are 46 properties still without a supply.

“We hope to have the remaining homes back on within the next two hours.”

In a separate incident, strong winds brought down power lines in Bicker causing a loss of power to a handful of homes.

Meanwhile, Lincolnshire Police have been flooded with calls about trees and branches coming down onto roads across the county.

These included a tree which came down just as children were finishing classes at Lutton Primary School, Marriotts Gate, at about 3.30pm, damaging a Land Rover.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “This afternoon, we are receiving reports of quite a few incidents relating to the weather.

“These range from falling trees on roads to debris in the road throughout the county.

“Fortunately, we don’t seem to have had any incidents that have caused any injuries or that have been particularly severe, but we would ask people to be aware that the weather is having an effect.

“We would also request that people exercise care, certainly as it comes up to the rush hour when there will be more people travelling on the roads.”

WEDNESDAY 4PM: Strong winds and driving rain caused problems across South Holland, but not on the scale seen in other parts of the UK.

The most dramatic incident happened on the A151 Holbeach Road between Spalding and Weston today when winds brought down branches onto the road.

At one stage, police thought a car had been damaged in the freak incident reported to them at about 2pm.

But there were no injuries or damage, although the branches did block the road for a short while before being cleared away.

There are also reports of a tree falling onto a car in Marriotts Gate, Lutton, trees down in Crowland and Holbeach, as well as power cables having come down in Quadring and Bicker, near Donington.

Meanwhile, South Holland is set for more showers and wind over the next few days and gusts could reach speeds of up to 50mph.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for the area meaning sporting events and transport may be delayed, disrupted or cancelled.

However, South Holland is expected to fare better than other parts of the country where gusts as high as 90mph are possible in western areas, bringing down trees and disrupting both power and travel networks.

A Met Office spokesman said: “With more rain on the way and very strong winds, it’s likely that we will see more impacts over the next few days.”