‘Speedsters are driving me out of village’, says campaigner

Campaigners against speeding in Moulton Seas End next to the scene where a car ploughed through gardens, knocked down bollards and a tree in the village.
Campaigners against speeding in Moulton Seas End next to the scene where a car ploughed through gardens, knocked down bollards and a tree in the village.
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The woman behind a petition to combat drivers speeding through Holbeach St Johns is planning to leave the village in frustration at the lack of action.

Jan Johnson (45) launched a petition to cut the speed limit in Holbeach St Johns from 40mph to 30mph after a crash in January when a 50-year-old man from Whaplode Drove was airlifted to hospital for treatement.

Almost 160 people signed the petition which was presented to Holbeach Parish Council in March, but a survey by Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) showed that only one serious crash had taken place in Holbeach St Johns between October 2011 and January 2013.

Jan said: “When we were trying to draw attention to the problem of speeding, we had the police down here a couple of times.

“But nothing has changed and even a Give Way sign that was taken out when the accident happened in January hasn’t been replaced yet.

“When you live in the middle of nowhere, it’s as if you get brushed under the carpet and now I’m looking to leave the village because I don’t like living on the road.”

Holbeach St Johns, Moulton Seas End and Whaplode are just three areas where speeding drivers are causing concern, especially regarding the safety of children and elderly pedestrians.

Coun Mike Pullen, chairman of Holbeach Town and Rural Community Policing Panel, said: “High Road, Whaplode, isn’t too bad, but we have gross problems when vehicles come off High Road into Churchgate and Cobgate.

“It’s absolutely horrendous along here, particularly in the evening, and I’m very concerned.

“We have playing fields near Churchgate and I fear that one of the young ones is going to run into the path of a vehicle and we’ll have a real catastrophe.

“In my opinion, it’s now time for Lincolnshire County Council to do something about this and it should be taking more responsibility as regards speeding around Whaplode.

A long-running campaign for action to stop speeding in Moulton Seas End was given new urgency in February when a car crash into a number of gardens, bollards and a tree.

Speaking to the Guardian at the time of the crash, Dawn Adams of Moulton Seas End said: “Speeding down here is a common occurrence and we’ve been trying to get Lincolnshire County Council to build a footpath.

“But one person has said there’s no way the council is having some of their land and so we’re left with the situation of having a dangerous road and no footpath.”

An LRSP spokesman said: “We have delivered the 2Fast 2Soon programme to Year 13 students at Spalding High School within the last academic year to promote awareness and prevent poor road-related attitude and behaviour, with a specific focus on speed.

“We also recently worked with Lincolnshire Police at an organised modified car event in the Spalding area where we brought along our Car Crash Simulator and engaged with motorists to promote safe driving.”