Spalding Youth Takeover group redefining the concert experience

Long Sutton musician Tommy Loose and his harp guitar.
Long Sutton musician Tommy Loose and his harp guitar.

Local singer Ethan Thompson admits Youth Takeover members were not totally sold on the idea of classical music.

However, he says: “Then we really listened to it and got a feel for it.”

Callum Brazzo agrees: “It’s about exposure. We have to expose ourselves to different kinds of music and this merging of musical styles.”

For Rebecca, hearing the music live has brought more meaning and all of the group believe the theme of Lifetime will allow everyone in the audience to make a personal connection with the music.

The plan is to have a mass “mingling session” in the cafe afterwards when Alfie Jack and Tommy will play some of their own songs and people will have a chance to talk to orchestra and Youth Takeover members.

It’s going to be novel for the orchestra too. Its education manager Pia Luck says: “We have never worked with original singers and songwriters before and having that local input. It’s a treat for us.”