Songs from the heart from Tori

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Most weekends, Holly Spearing sings the song Livin’ on a Prayer for her dad Michael, who died six years ago.

It’s a two-way thing for the 17-year-old: she says her music makes her stronger and the song is also a tribute to the man who inspired her love of rock music.

Tori L'Amour puts in plenty of rehearsal time. Photo: SG030613-113TW

Tori L'Amour puts in plenty of rehearsal time. Photo: SG030613-113TW

Michael may not be around to see where that has led, but Holly knows her dad would be proud of her success so far.

The former Lutton St Nicholas Primary School and Peele Community College pupil signed a record contract with AMS Records last year and is currently working on her first rock album, due for release later in the year.

Had she been suddenly catapulted into the rock chick music world, Holly, who lives in Garnsgate Road, Long Sutton, may not have coped well.

But as it turns out, her progress to being a musician has been gradual, starting with lessons as a six-year-old with Backstage Academy before progressing to tuition in vocals, guitar and piano with AMS Music at Peterborough and music as an option at school.

All that preparation has turned out a budding star with her feet firmly planted on the ground, mainly thanks to her mum Donna and the rest of her family – big brother David and nine-year-old Demi, who will probably follow in her big sister’s footsteps.

Her manager Andy Nicholls says: “The thing I saw in Holly was her self-discipline, so she will treat it as a job. She gets up in the morning and exercises and then she is in the studio working on her vocals and practising on her instruments. She realises it’s hard work and nobody is going to hand it to her on a silver platter.

“I think people who win Britain’s Got Talent get a shock when they realise they have to get up at 6am and work hard. Holly has put that hard work in already so her feet are on the floor.”

As well as working on the album, Holly is out every weekend performing as Tori L’Amour – 90 shows last year and 116 booked so far this year.

The album, Purgatori – a bit of a play on her stage name – is due for release on October 28.

A song from the album, Dark Valentine, will be out as a single on August 19 on iTunes and other download sites.

A video is being shot to accompany the single and a comic featuring Tori to come out at the same time as the album is in the pipeline.

Holly says: “Elvis is my all time favourite singer. I was brought up with him because my dad listened to rock music.

“My friends think it’s really cool I am doing this and say I am the luckiest girl, but I believe in myself and I get that from the support I get from the family, especially mum, and Andy.

“I think dad would be proud of what I am doing. I hope so anyway.”