Solve mystery of treasure in field around Spalding

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Could you solve a mystery that has been unearthed in a field around Spalding?

Historians are excited about a lead seal dating back to 1200AD with the inscription SIGILL REGINALDI F’ IOE, meaning “Seal of Reginald, son of Joseph”.

It is one of thousands of ancient artefacts discovered in the county that are to be recorded as part of the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Adam Daubney, finds liaison officer at Lincolnshire County Council, which supports the scheme, said: “Lead seals are often found in Lincolnshire, but few are legible.

“Quite who Reginald, son of Joseph was might forever remain a mystery, though research into medieval documents for the area might provide some clues.”

Another exciting find in South Lincolnshire is an exceptionally rare silver coin dating back before 46BC.

The coin features King Juba of Numidia in North Africa and was struck between 64-60BC.

Historians believe it was probably used in the county at around the time of the Roman conquest and may even have been brought during the Roman invasion. The legend on the coin is just legible – it reads “REX IVBA” or “King Juba”.

Mr Daubney said: “The large number of finds highlights just how rich our archaeology here is.

“The majority are not ‘treasures’ in the bling sense, most of them are everyday items such as coins and broken bits of pot.

“But, this sort of material shows how our ancestors lived.”