Sick dog left to die on the side of the road

The neglected dog
The neglected dog

A dog found dumped with an infected mouth and a popped ulcerated eye was ‘the worst case of severe neglect’ a vets had ever seen.

The male shih tsu cross was found on the side of a road in the Washway Road area of Holbeach by a member of the public on the morning of Sunday, March 9.

He was collapsed on his side and extremely emaciated with shallow breathing.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk, near Boston, where the animal was taken, said it looked like the he had probably been unable to move for at least a month.

Centre manager Joanne Hickson said: “In the 16 years I have been at this centre this is one of the worst cases of severe neglect I have ever seen.”

She said the member of the public who rescued the dog, who the staff named Willy, was ‘very distressed’ when they arrived at the centre.

“When we turned him over we saw his eyeball had popped out and the socket was ulcerated and infected,” Joanne said.

“His fur was also completely matted on one side and it was clear he had been collapsed like this for some time – the vet thinks at least a month.”

The dog was taken to a vet immediately and he decided the kindest option was to put him to sleep and stop any further suffering.

The injuries were so severe he would not recover to a comfortable position and with much scaring.

Joanne said the site of the animal’s state will stay with her for quite some time.

She said: “It was just horrible to see this poor animal in this state.”

Things became even more upsetting when staff realised the animal had been dumped in a brand new blanket.

The RSPCA were also shocked to hear of the dumped pet’s condition.

RSPCA inspector Andy Bostock said: “This sounds like an extremely severe case of neglect. It is hard to imagine how much this poor animal would have suffered.”

The charity and Jerry Green Dog Rescue are appealing for information to trace where the animal came from.

Joanne said: “Whilst cases like this are few and far between, we would always urge members of the public to contact us immediately if they cannot meet their dogs’ needs, rather than allowing them to get into such a poor state.”

If anyone has any information you can call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 or Jerry Green Dog Rescue on 01205 260546.