Shine shops for film crew

A �30,000 advertising campaign is hoped to bring more visitors to Spalding next year.
A �30,000 advertising campaign is hoped to bring more visitors to Spalding next year.
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Town centre businesses who complain not enough people are visiting Spalding have their chance to shine - literally - this week for a film crew working on a £30,000 television advertising campaign to be broadcast next year.

A call has gone out to businesses to be in tip-top shape today and tomorrow for the arrival of a film crew - because “they could be filming near you”.

That means cleaning windows and washing shop fronts - basic actions to attract shoppers but too often neglected in the town centre.

The £30,000 cost of the project has come from a S106 pot provided to benefit Spalding when Springfields shopping centre – this week celebrating its 10th anniversary – was built.

Phil Scarlett, president of Spalding and District Area Chamber of Trade, said: “My request is for all businesses and shopkeepers to look at the front of their shops and make sure they are tidy and presentable because they are possibly going to appear in an advert on national television.”

The crew are expected to film a family of professional models exploring the market, looking in windows of shops in the town centre, The Crescent and at Springfields, the growing café culture, Spalding Water Taxi and Ayscoughfee Hall and Gardens.

The finished advert will be shown on ITV on its Yorkshire, Central East and Anglia West regional editions.

If filming does not go ahead this week, it is likely to happen on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.