Santa’s on his way to Spalding

Tyler Young and Maria Woods-Young with Santa and Spalding Christmas lights switch-on.
Tyler Young and Maria Woods-Young with Santa and Spalding Christmas lights switch-on.

You can almost hear the jingling of bells in the air as Santa makes his way to Spalding for his second outing this week.

Santa was in town on Saturday for the Christmas lights switch-on and is heading for the Broadway area.

It is just one of the journeys he will be making with the Rotary club of South Holland and other organisations around the streets of Spalding and he is trying to visit as many homes as possible.

Santa’s helpers will be walking alongside collecting money for local charities and causes and handing out sweets to the children.

From Broadway, the sleigh will travel along Primrose Way, Buttercup Close,Lavender Drive, Shearers Drive, Maynefields, Horseshoe Road, Kimblewick Lane, Aldwych Gardens, Meadow Way, Honeysuckle Way, Jasmine Court, Gershwin Lane, Ambassador Close, Delacourt Green, Farrier way, Clydesdale Crescent, Percheron Drive, Saddlers Mead, Horsefayre Road.

Other outings setting out at 5.50pm each evening before Christmas Day are:

Tomorrow: Beechfield Gardens, Holland Road, Church Mews, Halmergate, Grange Drive, Cley Hall Drive, Link Way, Exeter Drive, Halmer Gardens, Neville Avenue, Avebury Gardens, Low Road, Juniper Crescent, Helmsley Way, Ingelby Court, Rainton Court, Cleveland Court, Kirby Court, Lowfields Avenue, Albert Stree and Maple Grove.

Wednesday: Park Road, Patriot Close, Truro Way, Jubilee Close, Britannia Gardens, Speyer Avenue, Sezanne Walk, Park Close, Park Avenue, Cathedral Drive, Cavendish Way, Bentick Close, Clumber Drive, Woolram Wygate, St Anne’s Way, St Anne’s Close, Smithdale Close, Arnhem Drive and Park Avenue.

Thursday: Fairview Way, Vernatts Green, Fairfield Close, Lilburn Drive, Baxters Gardens, Daniels Reach, Miles Bank, Chaldean Way, Lilburn Drive, Daniels Gate, Jacobs Court, The Grove, Farthingales, Brendan Walk, Mendip Close, Clover Way, Lucerne Close, Campion Close, Angelica Drive, Bramble Grange, Wygate Meadows, Dove Court, Nursery Way, Tointon Close, Welbeck Drive, Sherwood Drive and Fairview Way.

Friday: Bourne Road, Abbots Way, Hannam Boulevard, Ellen Crescent, Sheila Crescent, Corrine Grove, Canterbury Close, Pilgrims Way, Chaucers Way, Meadowgate Lane, Dowgate Close, Carrington Road, Carrington Close, Sunflower Close, Quaker Lane, Mansell Close, Bourne Road, Winsover Road, Hereward Road and Edward Road.

Saturday: December Santa will be visiting Love Lane, Grange Drive, Exeter Drive, Stonegate, Oak Court, Matmore Gate, Mulberry Way, Morus Close, Finlay Close, Birch Grove, Thorton Road, Matmore Close, Thornton Close, Cameron Drive, Claylake, Peck’s Drove West, Hutton Close, Viking Way and Saxon Close.

Rest day: Santa and his helpers will have a rest on Sunday but will start again on Monday, December 10. They will visit Cradge Bank, Aintree Drive, Sandown Close, Ascot Close, Kempton Close, Chepstow Close, The Ramper, Spalding Common, Goodfellows Road, Sycamores, Mayfair Drive, Little London, Campbells Close, Westminster Drive, Carlton Close, Hawthorn Bank, St. Andrews Road, Wentworth Close, Birkdale Close, Carnoustie Crescent, Sunningdale Avenue, Muirfield Close, Holborn Road, Belgrave Road, Tavistock Road, Belgrave, Euston Avenue, Kensington Drive and Belvedere Close.

Tuesday, December 11: Hall Place in the Town Centre.

Wednesday, December 12: Alexandra Road, Ayscoughie Avenue, Johnson Avenue, Lime Court, Bowditch Road, Holyrood Walk, Clarence Gardens, Edinburgh Drive, Sandringham Walk, Windsor Drive, Balmoral Avenue, St James Way, Marlborough Avenue, Mallard Close, Riverside Park, Kingfisher Court, Swan Close, Swift Court, Balmoral Avenue, Cowbit Road, Churchill Drive and Westbourne Gardens.

Thursday, December 13: St John’s Road, Lancelot Way, Bellfield Close, Beechams Mews, Pulman Court, Apeldoorn Gardens, Victory Court, Hawthorn Bank, Ambleside Drive, Parkway, Hoekman Way, Floriade Close, Hoekman Drive, Parkway, Aalsmeer Rise, Limburg Drive, Heren Place, Breda Court, Haarlem Court, Rembrandt Way, The Wyke, Amstel Close, Amsterdam Gardens, Leiden Fields, Daffodil Close, May Blossom Walk, Horseshoe Road, Delft Court, Hague Court and Van Gough Drive.

Friday, December 14: Outside Sainsbury’s before setting out in the evening to visit Wygate Park, Mariette Way, The Hayfields, Heather Court, Chamomile Way, Clover Way, Claudette Way, Claudette Avenue, Georgette Gardens, Grevel Close, Nicolette Way, Annette Close, Paulette Court, Lucetta Gardens, Saltern Drive, Julias Mead, Charlette Way, Estella Way, Avignon Road, Sorrell Drive, Wintergold Avenue, Algers Walk, Akita Close, Belcanto Court, Maytime Close, Wintergold Avenue, Harlequin Drive, Snowdrop Place, Hobsons Green and Belisana Road.

Saturday, December 15, Hall Place in the Town Centre before making his way to Chestnut Avenue, Marine Drive, Rowan Avenue, Acacia Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Redthorn Close, Chestnut Avenue, Beech Avenue, St Paul’s Road, Cherry Tree Grove, Laburnum Grove, Queen’s Road, Royce Road, Dawson Avenue, Fulney Avenue, Cook Avenue, Queens Avenue, Cook Way, Coronation Close, Atton Avenue, Banks Avenue, Acklam Avenue, Thames Road, Seven Road, Medlock Crescent, Telford Court, Halmer Paddock and Culpins Close.

Sunday, December 16: Outside Sainsbury’s store.

Monday, December 17: Priory Road, St. Thomas’ Road, Regent Street, South Parade, Beaufort Drive, Thompson Close, Havelock Street, Green Lane, Knipe Avenue, Cross Street, Henrietta Street, Spring Street, Spring Gardens, Gamlyn Close, Water Lane, Welland Close, Cygnet Court, Britton Close, Magellan Way, Grosvenor Court, Mallory Drive, Hudson Road, Shackleton Close, Columbus Close, Armstrong Road, Mallory Drive, Raleigh Court, Cook Drive, Livingstone Drive, Henson Close, Drake Close, Franklin Drive, Hilary Close, Burton Road, Tasman Close, Dias Close, Aldrin Close, Bruce Close, Macarthur Court, Cortez Close, Piccard Drive, Bonnington Court, Palin Court, Piccard Drive and London Road.

Tuesday, December 18: Hall Place in the Town Centre.

Wednesday, December 19: Outside Sainsbury’s before visiting houses in Pennygate, Abbots Crescent, Woodrow Place, West Parade, Thistle Gardens, Tollgate, Sherwood Drive, Fern Drive, Rowan Way, Gorse Way, Rose Leigh Way, Flinders Way, Beckett Drive, Fleur Drive, Tulip Walk, Riverside, Law Court, Westerly Avenue and Sorrel Drive.

Thursday, December 20 and Friday December 21 at Morrison’s Store.

Saturday, December 22: Hall Place in the Town Centre.

Sunday, December 23: Morrison’s Store before departing to Lapland to prepare for his journey around the World. You can track him by visiting