Royal Mail is challenged over late deliveries

A resident has complained about post deliveries in Surton Way, Long Sutton.
A resident has complained about post deliveries in Surton Way, Long Sutton.
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A Long Sutton resident has written a scathing letter to the boss of Spalding’s Royal Mail depot after his wife’s birthday cards arrived in a heap of 23 items a week late.

Kevin Dear (71), of Sturton Way, is challenging the postal service to clarify what its policy is “in respect of deliveries and customer satisfaction”.

Mr Dear said making the complaint was not about no birthday cards spoiling the day for his wife, Carole, but flagging up the belief that Royal Mail is condoning selective deliveries.

He said: “We don’t worry about birthdays any more, but we could have been waiting for some important mail.

“For some time we have been suspicious of gaps in post delivery schedules. It seems as if some streets or post code areas are bypassed, for a day or two, regardless of the stamp value put upon the items.

“My wife’s birthday was on September 23 but no post arrived on the Monday or Tuesday, then nothing on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

“I checked with other residents in the street and they, too, had not received any mail on September 23. Then we received an avalanche of 23 items on Monday, September 30 – a week late.

“What Royal Mail seems to be condoning is a complete disregard for the premium next day service to one of ‘oh, if you can’t do it today, tomorrow (or even later) will do’.

“This is totally unacceptable – and at a time when our government is asking us to buy shares in it.”

Royal Mail spokesman Nick Martens said: “We apologise to any of your readers who experienced problems with the delivery of their mail. We are aware of this issue and are urgently investigating the matter.”