Roy Trawford memorial concert in Spalding

The late Roy Trawford.
The late Roy Trawford.

A memorial concert for Spalding vet for almost half a century Roy Trawford is to be held at St Mary and St Nicolas Parish Church next Sunday, April 21 at 2.30pm.

Roy, who died in January, was the town’s only vet in 1951 and he didn’t retire until 2000, when he was 78.

His wife Derry says: “Vetting was his day and night job but he played various instruments and was conductor of the Eastern Light Concert Orchestra, which ran for 30 years and was formed by Roy. It finished in 2001 but they are getting all the musicians together to play at this concert.”

Roy was also musical director for SADOS for about 25 years.

Derry is organising the free concert and says everyone is welcome.
Donations will go to LIVES.