Residents call for on-the-spot spitting fines

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South Holland residents overwhemingly favour on-the-spot fines for people caught spitting or urinating in the street – with police already having powers to do so.

Readers commenting on our Lincolnshire Free Press and Spalding Guardian page on social media site Facebook want to see spitting and urinating in public banned after a London council introduced on-the-spot fines to stamp out the problem.

Waltham Forest has told its enforcement officers to hand out fixed penalty notices in the same way they do for those dropping litter after residents complained about the problem.

When asked if spitting should be banned from Spalding’s streets, readers posting messages on Facebook emphatically said “yes.”

Diana FitzGerald said: “My sister lives in Waltham Forest and on-the-spot fines work there so why not here?

“There is absolutely no reason to spit.”

Rachel Scales said: “It’s a disgusting habit and those caught doing it should be fined.”

South Holland District Council currently has no power to issue fines for spitting in public, but the police do and a review is ongoing as to whether such power should be given to Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

A Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police officers can already issue penalty notices of £80 for spitting and urinating in the street.

“There is a review of PCSO powers and the additional power to issue penalty notices for spitting and urinating in public is being considered.”

Coun Malcolm Chandler, chairman of South Holland Licensing Authority, said: “We don’t have the power to issue fixed penalty notices for spitting or urinating in public but anything that helps stop any form of anti-social behaviour is right and proper.”

Phil Scarlett, president of Spalding and District Chamber of Commerce, said: “I would be delighted to see fines implemented by the district council.”