Replicate! Teenagers make their own Tardis

The Tardis in Regent Street, Spalding
The Tardis in Regent Street, Spalding
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Three young people in Spalding have built the ultimate nod to the new Dr Who – a ten foot tall Tardis.

Talia Bailey (18), Roxas Strife and Charlotte Morgan (22) spent six weeks building the time machine replica.

Charlotte said: “We’re all really big fans. We’ve not got any building qualifications or proper skills at all, but this is our second project and we’re really proud of it.”

The Tardis has already been a big hit in the town, with many people spotting it on Regent Street.

Charlotte said: “We’ve had lots of Whovians (Dr Who fans) come to see it and take photos – we would like to start taking it to conventions.”

The group hope that they can encourage more young people to join them on building interesting objects which could help raise money for charity, or just take part in local events.

Charlotte said: “We spoke to a young lad the other day who said he’d really like to help us, and that’s what we like - we would love it if more people came and helped us.”

The team’s next project is to make improvements to a boat they made for the People’s Parade in Spalding earlier this year.

* Talia is pictured peeking out of the Tardis in Regent Street.