Regular flooding forces couple to use bucket for toilet

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A WEST Pinchbeck resident who has to use a bucket for a toilet because of regular flooding to her home has hit out at local authorities.

She claims that human waste and toilet paper often floods her garden and pathway due to an overflowing septic tank.

The resident, who has asked not to be named, said the flooding has been going on since 1996 after a dyke at the back of her home was filled in, giving rainwater nowhere else to go other than her septic tank and her garden.

“The whole situation is totally unacceptable and makes me feel ashamed,” said the woman, who is registered disabled. “It’s embarrassing to think that neighbours can see toilet paper and human waste across the garden and path.

“I have tried to sort the problem out myself, spending thousands of pounds in the process, but I simply cannot afford to keep throwing money away.”

The 60-year-old, who said she had tried to organise a petition a few years ago to present to the council, claims several properties are affected by ongoing flooding at the West Pinchbeck end of Northgate. She said at one point residents in the affected properties were having to use each other’s toilets.

“We cannot flush paper down the toilet for fear of causing further problems. In fact, we have to put used toilet paper in a bag and burn it which is a terrible situation to be in if we have visitors. I’m just thankful we have a fence so my neighbours cannot see what I’m doing.”

She also said she has to shower instead of having a bath because of further flooding when the bath water is emptied.

South Holland District Council told the Spalding Guardian it has no record of any application to fill in a dyke in the area.

Stuart Hemmings, chief executive of Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board – the authority set up to control water levels and reduce the risk of flooding in the area – said a complaint had been received by the resident, via MP John Hayes, in 2009.

Mr Hemmings said the complaint was followed up in detail in 2009 and concluded that the flooding was caused by the septic tank filling up.

“We couldn’t find anything to substantiate there has been any flooding from any dykes in the area,” he said. “It isn’t a local authority matter and we haven’t had any further complaints since 2009. If we did we would go out and have another look.”