REFERENDUM LETTERS: Leave the EU to regain democracy

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EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
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I have to disagree with Mr Sadd (Spalding Guardian, June 9) when he suggests the EU has done a lot for women workers.

In my opinion that is utter nonsense. The EU spews out decisions imposed on the UK by unelected EU officials, which other EU countries mostly ignore.

It’s time to leave this bureaucratic set up, which has changed dramatically, and take back control of our own country.

The many people I speak to realise that instead of paying in £12 billion more than we get back, voting to leave will enable the country to spend more on our hospitals, doctors and schools, while helping our agricultural, horticultural and other industries to thrive rather than be bogged down with petty rules.

In fact, I recall Michael Gove saying that if the UK votes to come out of the EU, our government could spend an additional £100 million a week more on our hospitals, using £5 billion of the savings.

Let’s restore democracy and let our own government decide where we spend our money.

Don’t take notice of the scaremongers who want to do our country down, saying we cannot manage on our own.

Instead of our money subsidising inefficient French farmers and fishermen who have decimated our fishing industry, let us support our own workers.

We are British and, of course, most of the other countries want us to stay in.

I believe we pay more than our fair share and subsidise some countries who are nowhere near as efficient as we are.

How come there never seems to be any properly audited accounts from the EU to scrutinise? I can only assume that nothing balances.

And what about our borders? It’s time we choose who we want to let in.

Instead of taking so many unskilled people from eastern Europe, if we vote to exit the EU, we can take in skilled workers from the rest of the world, as well as some of our commonwealth friends who are presently excluded.

We hear on the TV that the British Government and EU are actively talking to Turkey, possibly also Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania about joining the EU. What then?

Even more migrants will want to come here to take advantage of this government’s very generous handouts for spongers.

I read that someone claiming to be a refugee and who is handed £37.50 a week, immediately found accommodation, which I guess will push back local people on the council waiting lists.

If we vote to come out of the EU, we can take control of our own borders. The present Home Secretary has been completely silent as far as I can tell during this election.

Theresa May has previously spoken about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration (Tory Party autumn conference 2015), saying: “The numbers coming from Europe are unsustainable and the rules have to change. There is a limit to the amount of immigration any country can and should take.”

I read that she went on to blame EU rules governing free movement, which means it is impossible to protect our borders.

Those of us of a certain age can remember when our country was great, and I agree with our MP, the Rt Hon John Hayes, who has indicated he is voting to exit the EU.

We need to vote to come out of the EU to regain democracy and greatness for our country.

I agree we need to put in hand changes so that the younger generation has a future. To do so, we need to vote to leave on June 23.