REFERENDUM LETTER: Leave and take back our own destiny

EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
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On June 23, the people of not just Lincolnshire but the whole country must vote in or out.

The point we must ask themselves is this: are we stronger as a nation outside the EU?

We must all resolve whether we want to be governed by bureaucrats who we, the British people, did not elect.

They tell our sovereign parliament what to do, imposing 60 per cent of our laws at present, while taking vast sums of money from the UK with little regard for how it is spent.

We, as a country, are all the poorer for it.

Because of free movement, this country is subjected to mass migration, creating severe pressure on our way of life.

If we do not vote to cut our ties with the EU, we will forever be subject to our lords and masters in the EU parliament.

In the process, the UK will surely collapse under the strain of mass migration, condemning our children and grandchildren to a bleak future.

If we muster the courage to vote to leave we can, as a country, take back and forge our own destiny and a better future for us all.