HALF of the most dangerous roads in the county run through the Lincolnshire Free Press area, according to new research.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership has analysed accident trends to pick 12 of the worst roads in the county.

The Red Routes list is still being finalised but as it stands the A1073, A52, A17, A16, A15 and A151 feature.

Red Routes will be marked with signs telling drivers where and why accidents happened.

Leaflets are being produced on each of the roads, detailing the problems with them. Red Routes will be considered for speed cameras, safety improvement schemes and increased police presence.

Steve Batchelor, of the partnership, said: "What we are trying to do is raise awareness of the specific dangers on each of these roads.

"These are real problems in real locations that are relevant to every single person in the county."

The project is being funded with cash from a variety of places, including the police, speed reduction seminars and speed camera fines.

It will be launched in April when signs will be revealed and leaflets will be put into public buildings, like caf s, along each of the routes. A generic leaflet showing all of the routes will also be produced and circulated.

Mr Batchelor said: "We hope to get the generic leaflet out to as many people as possible. We are hoping to make a big impact. Sometimes people do tend to switch off a bit to the dangers around them.

"We are hoping that by targeting specific locations that, even if people only concentrate on those routes by being as safe as possible, it is going to increase safety throughout the county."

Other routes likely to be deemed Red Routes are the A46, A158, A153, A607, A631 and A1.