Raise eyebrows for beauty

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Eyebrows give shape, expression and character to your face, and now their importance is widely recognised.

Duchess of Camridge Kate Middleton’s full but beautifully-shaped eyebrows have played a part in the revival and strong dark brows are a feature shared by many of the new supermodels.

If yours are naturally dark and well-shaped, congratulations. However most women’s are in need of some help – preferably professional help from a beauty therapist – to achieve a natural-looking definition that’s right for the face they adorn.

It’s vital that your eyebrows are shaped and coloured to suit you. If they are too thick, too thin or too arched then it can change not only your look but your facial expression too.

At your local beauty salon they’ll have plenty of experience in waxing and shaping brows and getting you the right style for your face.

If you want fuller brows you can have your eyebrows shaped and tinted to make them stand out more, and some salons in the area do additional treatments involving weaving or tattooing to give the appearance of fullness.

Any professional eyebrow shape and tint will only take half an hour but will dramatically change your appearance, giving you a more natural look.

In between salon appointments, it’s wise to invest in a really good pair of tweezers so you can keep on top of those stray hairs.

Plucking your brows after showering is easier as heat opens the hair follicles.

But go easy! Stick to stray hairs only as overplucking can have some truly alarming results, giving you a permanently surprised look that’s anything but natural.

Tidy, defined brows are great for any woman but as you get older a trip to the salon for this simple treatment can knock ten years off your age.