Quiet flower parade day for police

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SPALDING Police reported a relatively quiet day crime-wise as thousands descended on Spalding for the annual flower parade.

Sergeant Stuart Hurst told the Free Press yesterday that only ten arrests were made on Saturday and only five of these had anything to do with the parade.

“We are pleased that the public were able to enjoy themselves without major incident,” said Sgt Hurst.

“There seemed to be more visitors to the town than last year but the event went off without any problems.

“We had some arrests following the parade but they were not directly attributed to it.”

He said one man was arrested for threatening behaviour outside the Punchbowl pub, two people were given on-the-spot £80 fines for disorderly behaviour and two were arrested in the New Road area for drugs offences.

Other arrests in the area were not connected to the parade, added Sgt Hurst.