Public show support during 8 days of fire strikes in Spalding

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The Fire Brigades Union in Spalding spent last week on the picket line as part of an ongoing battle over pensions.

Picket lines were carried out at various intervals, for eight consecutive days, with many people stopping by to give their support to the strikers, who were positioned on West Elloe Avenue, outside the entrance to the Spalding Community Fire Station.

Bob Machin, union representative for the Spalding Fire Brigade, said: “It’s going really well and we’ve been getting lots of support.

“I think the public sector strike last week has brought more prominence to our strike and people are supportive.”

Proposals by the government would mean that thousands of firefighters who have paid into a pension scheme for several years would not receive the pension they expected.

It would also mean that firefighters would have to work into their 60s, which poses safety threats as many, it is suggested, cannot meet the same physical fitness standards of that of a 20 year old.

Mr Machin added: “When we’ve been speaking to people who have stopped by they do know and understand why we are doing this, which is great.

“The plans are unacceptable and we are really grateful for the support we’re getting.”

A spokesman from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said: “We have sufficient cover in place to respond to any incidents.”

Several incidents were dealt with this weekend.