Precept falls by 23.3 per cent

Sutton Bridge Parish Council has slashed its annual parish precept by 23.3 per cent – taking it down from £77,000 to £59,000.

Last year the parish council made Sutton Bridge the most expensive place to live in South Holland when it put its precept up by a whopping 48 per cent from £52,000 a year.

Coun David Dewsberry told councillors on Tuesday that the finance committee had cut its estimated spending of £72,000 down to £58,930 and proposed a precept of £59,000 for the coming financial year.

Items in the council’s spending plans include more than £51,000 on parks and open spaces, £28,700 on general administration and £2,000 for elections.

The council is planning to install bus shelters in Bridge Road and has set aside £5,000 for the coming year.

A precept is paid only by parishioners living in the area where it is set and is added to the overall council tax bill.