Porter: I’ll continue to resist garden waste collections

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HOUSEHOLDERS in South Holland will have to carry on queuing to dump green waste at Spalding tip while those in neighbouring districts get theirs picked up by the council.

Boston Borough Council has had more than 8,000 households take up its new garden waste collection scheme, each paying a one-off charge of £20 per bin. The first fortnightly collection, in the growing season only, was launched yesterday.

A pilot scheme in Boston last year proved take-up would be good.

Also very popular is South Kesteven District Council’s long-standing scheme which had 27,000 members earlier this year.

Gardeners throughout the district including Bourne and the Deepings responded so positively when asked if they’d be prepared to pay to keep the scheme running at a cost of £500,000 a year that it’s close to paying for itself already.

Around 22,200 households have paid up with more joining each week.

An annual charge of £25 per bin with £10 for additional ones was introduced after consultation which found householders were prepared to pay to keep the service.

In South Holland, on the other hand, leader Gary Porter says the district council has no plans to bring in a garden waste service.

He said: “There were big queues for the West Marsh Road tip that caused traffic problems for a few weeks last month, but the reality is that was a one-off situation after unprecedented bad weather when everyone was blitzing their garden at the same time.

“I know that of all the councils which collect garden waste not one has what we have in South Holland – a weekly collection of recyclable and other waste.

“I don’t believe people here would want to sacrifice that and be prepared to pay £20 extra per bin for the council to take it.

“There are private collectors locally which wouldn’t cost more than that.

“If there was suddenly an overwhelming demand for the council to introduce this we’d look at it again.

“But right now nobody is beating down our door to have their garden waste collected once a fortnight at the expense of losing the weekly collection in South Holland.”