Sewage bills could soon rise

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Residents living in homes not connected to the main sewerage system are likely to see their bills rise in coming years.

Members of South Holland District Council cabinet have agreed to look at legal implications with the view to increasing what it charges council house tenants and private owners who are connected to council-owned sewage treatment works.

The move, which could see an increase of £253 a year – or £5.05 per rental week – has been considered to meet a £266,240 difference between the income the council receives from those connected to the system and the amount it pays to operate it.

There are currently 1,058 homes connected to the council’s 61 sewage treatment works and pumping stations, of which 600 are council homes and 458 are privately-owned, many ex-council houses bought under the Right to Buy scheme.

Members were also asked to pass on the £68,000 cost of clearing and maintaining drains and emptying septic tanks, a service the council provides for all council-owned homes. This will add a further £17.53 a year to tenants’ rent.

In agreeing the recommendations, council leader Gary Porter said: “We cannot keep covering this shortfall to benefit a few at the cost of others.”