POLITICS: Money will go to everyone

Peter Bird
Peter Bird

The dust has settled and all those elected to spend your money can now get on with it. Before I do, I would like to thank those who nominated me, and all those who voted for me.

I didn’t win a district council seat, but retained it on Crowland Parish Council.

I would also like to thank all candidates from all parties for their friendly humour at the count, the hard-working staff and especially the returning officer, who never failed to smile at every declaration despite her gruelling 36 hours almost without sleep.

And finally, my tablet of stone (yes I know they’re all doing it), I promise that the money taken from you in the form of taxes and rates, as a gun is held to your head (the threat of prison if you don’t pay up), will always be spent on the people as a whole, and not given to specific interest groups, charities, or business.