Plea to spruce up Spalding quickly for bloom judges

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PEOPLE in Spalding are being called upon to do their bit to get the town shining and impress East Midlands in Bloom judges who visit on Monday.

Campaigners have arranged for a big clean up event on Sunday and want volunteers from all walks of life to unite and get the town to look its best for the competition.

Spalding Area Chamber of Commerce’s Pete Williams is helping to organise the event – with volunteers urged to meet at his pub, the Punchbowl, at noon.

He said: “We are appealing to anybody to turn up with gloves, dustpans and brushes.

“Local businesses, scout groups, older people, foreigners, punk rockers – this is their town, they all live here and they can help.”

Mr Williams will walk the judges’ route to draw up a plan of attack for Sunday. Anyone who helps out with the clean up will be treated to a free barbecue back at the Punchbowl.

Mr Williams said he hopes the day will not only help to impress the judges but also set the tone for people to have more pride in the town’s appearance.

He said: “If you live in a place and you see a lot of litter you perhaps don’t think twice about dropping litter. If you live in a place where people spit on the floor then everybody does it because it becomes the norm.

“However, if you live in a place where people care then you can bring people on board and then eventually everybody cares. Maybe that’s a bit idealistic but that’s what I believe.

“In some places abroad you would be embarrassed to drop litter. Here you see people park their car and just throw litter out of the window. More people need to come on board, pull people up for that and have pride in the town.”

Bookmark owner Christine Hanson, who organised a similar event last year, called on traders at the Chamber’s AGM on Tuesday to help.

She said: “Even if you can’t make Sunday please do your very best to make sure the areas are clean, smart and colourful with flowers. We want the town to look really smart on Monday.”