The controversial Abbey Passage alleyway.
The controversial Abbey Passage alleyway.

A ‘PATH of horrors’ in Spalding is a meeting place for addicts and drug dealers.

Those who live and work near Abbey Path, including staff at the Lincolnshire Free Press, have almost come to accept seeing rowdy groups taking drugs, drinking and urinating.

But the heartfelt plea of a resident after seeing a bicycle locked to railings stripped of everything but its frame has led to calls that enough is enough.

The resident, too scared of criminals operating in the area to reveal an identity, said: “Please do something about this. Look at that bike – it’s locked to railings and the seat was stolen first, then the wheels and now all that’s left is the frame.

“Nothing is safe along here. The parts will be sold for drugs. It’s a path of horrors – there are dealers operating three times a day.

“I’ve lived in bigger towns and what goes on down here terrifies me.”

The theft was one of a catalogue of incidents along the path in recent weeks. Staff members at the Free Press have witnessed drug dealing, addicts shooting up, sex acts, stolen goods being passed on, drinking and even urinating alongside the office in The Crescent.

Syringes without needles but still showing traces of blood were left among rubbish bags dumped in car parks accessed from the path on Wednesday. They were reported to South Holland District Council to be disposed of but the problems continue.

Dean Moore, owner of Spalding Combat in The Crescent, said: “I found the bike and put it up against my rubbish at the side of the shop on Thursday. It had been stolen in less than two hours.”

A resident in the area said: “It’s frightening living down here. I’ve witnessed drug dealing in a car in the car park. We reported it to the police because it was happening every day and I think they have been monitoring it.

“The worst thing is the drinking during the day. It starts at 9am – why can’t they get a job like the rest of us?”

Sgt Stuart Brotherton said: “I am sure our town team is aware of problems in Abbey Path, but we rely on members of the public telling us.

“Anyone worried about being identified can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”