Play games AND feed the hungry

Free rice game ANL-141010-155440001
Free rice game ANL-141010-155440001
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HELPING HAND: By Sarah Turner, volunteering officer at Spalding Volunteer Centre

Change the World in just your pyjamas or in your lunch break!

We know that not everyone either has the free time, or is able to go out to different organisations to volunteer but were you aware that micro-volunteering can be done by anyone with access to a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

Micro-volunteering needs no commitment, is easy to do and a spare 10 seconds to 30 minutes is all that is needed to help to make the world a better place to live in.

Below are some suggestions but there are thousands of different ideas and deserving causes around the world – just use your search engine to discover more.

Many of these can be done in a group setting but equally can be carried out when you have a few minutes to spare.

Free Rice – Fancy playing a word definition game? For every word you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated at no cost to you to the UN World Food Programme

Click to Donate – Convert one of your mouse clicks into a free charity donation at no cost to you

Submit a Word Definition – For every two approved submitted words, a lunch will be donated to a hungry child

Make A Sick Child Smile – Write a letter to a sick child to keep them smiling during the course of their illness and hopeful eventual recovery

Recording Audio Books – Volunteers record chapters of public domain books and release the audio files back onto the net

Donate Your Knowledge – Help answer questions posed by people needing advice by freely sharing your knowledge

Map Disabled Access – Volunteers add the locations of wheelchair accessible places around the world, to help mobility-impaired people plan their days more effectively

Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service is happy to supply contact details and would also love to know what micro-volunteering you have chosen to do.

New volunteering opportunities this month

A wonderful group in Spalding is looking for volunteers to help out every Friday between 9am and 2pm. No specific skills are required but the ability to be chatty, friendly and enjoy clearing up is all important.

Could you be an advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau? Advisors interview clients both face to face and on the telephone. Write letters and make appropriate referrals and complete clear and accurate records.

If you are interested in the above opportunities or any of over 200 different volunteering opportunities available in the South Holland area, please contact us on 01775 718008 or e-mail us at and we will be happy to help you.