Petrol prices: Your opinions

YOUR VIEW: Kerry Stanhope hasn't noticed a difference yet.
YOUR VIEW: Kerry Stanhope hasn't noticed a difference yet.
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On Tuesday, supermarkets accross the country cut their price of petrol and diesel by 2 pence a litre just in time for the summer holidays.

Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are all reducing the cost of both petrol and diesel by 2 pence a litre (9 pence a gallon) following the strengthening of the sterling pound against the US dollar and the fact the wholesale cost of oil has been brought down after tensions in Ukraine and Iraq failed to cause supply issues.

This is the first time in more than three years that the price of diesel has fallen below 130 pence, so how do the residents of South Holland feel about the price cuts?

Leslie Knight said: “It’s not going to be very helpful as it isn’t really that much going down per week. I suppose it might help people who are going on holiday.”

However, Aiden Knight said: “It’s good! It will be easier for people to travel and it means they can use their cars more, rather than having to walk everywhere or use buses and trains.”

Robert Darkin said: “I think it will be helpful for families, but whether the price will stay that low? Well, that’s the $64 million question.”

Allden Lee said: “The prices definitely need to go down more. I remember the strikes when it went over £1 a litre a few years ago and think that should happen again – the cost per litre needs to be under a pound. This isn’t really going to change things for people very much, especially not families who want to go on days out during the holidays.”

Kerry Stanhope said: “I haven’t noticed a difference yet! I honestly don’t think 2p a litre is going to make much of a difference to anyone.”

• Following nationwide petrol price cuts agreed on by supermarkets, here is a round-up of the prices for fuel in our area – these were correct at the time of going to press on Wednesday.

The current petrol and diesel prices in South Holland are as follows; 129.9 pence per litre at MRH Spalding, London Road, Little London.

Petrol is 130.9 pence per litre and diesel is 134.4 pence per litre at Sainsbury’s Spalding on Station Road, Morrisons Pinchbeck on Wardentree Lane, Whaplode Service Station on High Road in Whaploade and Co-Op Deeping on Godsey Lane, Market Deeping.

A spokesman for the RAC said: “Falling wholesale prices of oil don’t always lead to cheaper forecourt prices, so it’s good news for motorists that this reduction is beng passed on so quickly at the pumps - it is good for motorists, businesses and the economy.”