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Cats, by Act Two, at the South Holland Centre

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh, well I never! Was there ever a cat so clever as magical Mr Mistoffelees?

Yep, that was the song on the lips of my children and I all weekend after watching Act Two’s tremendous adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical classic on Saturday.

We went with an open mind – the only musical I’ve ever seen was Grease back in the 1990s and the kids had only seen Shrek – but we left with heads full of tunes and an eagerness for more of the same.

From a slow start, this show exploded after the interval, and it was great to see at times all of the cast take to the stage together.

It’s also wonderful to see children and young adults of all ages dedicating themselves to such a worthwhile pursuit.

And to include youngsters from local primary schools in the show every day – it was Lutton St Nicholas and Gedney Church End’s turn this time – was also a lovely touch.

I’m not going to single out names – partly because it was truly a group effort, but mostly because there were so many names flying about I’m not sure who played who (!), but I will say that the whole cast singing Mr Mistoffelees was a truly joyous moment and Sophie Gale, as Grizabella, moved everyone with a beautiful rendition of Memories.

And how lovely to see the younger children taking centre stage with the more experienced, mature actors too.

All together a wonderful afternoon and a bit of escapism, watching some wonderful young people have the time of their lives. Makes your heart feel good.