Pedals urges people to saddle up for bike week

The annual cycle ride in Spalding by Pedals cycle group highlights the good – and bad – spots for bikers.

National Bike Week starts on Saturday and the group is eager to get more people out of their cars and on their bikes.

David Jones and David Hurdle, of Pedals, invited officers and councillors from South Holland District Council and Lincolnshire County Council on a leisurely ride round town.

They also invited me, who had not been on a bike since last year's cycle tour.

I live in Spalding and drive my girlfriend to work in Cowbit in the mornings before coming back into town to park near the Spalding Guardian office.

I then drive three quarters of a mile home at the end of my working day. In short, I am the sort of person Pedals is targeting.

Chairman Mr Jones said: "We forever hear about how cluttered the roads are. We know people have greater distances to travel so they feel they need a car but if everyone cycled we would be much fitter".

He said people in Holland will automatically use bikes for short journeys. For longer journeys they take the car or train.

We first headed from the council offices to the Park Road and Winsover Road junction, making an awkward right hand turn just past the railway line.

The pathway at Park Road was originally intended as a cycle path, although there is nothing to indicate that, and safety barriers can barely be negotiated on a bike.

Hordes of youngsters understandably cycle along Winsover Road pavement to and from school.

Mr Jones said: "The first Community Travel Zone did envision a cycle route all the way along Winsover Road to the Robin Hood pub but it was decided against the idea because people would have parked on it. Many residents along the road don't have a parking spaces."