Passions run high at modified car show

Quirky, classic and sporty numbers stood side by side to wow visitors to South Lincolnshire Modified Car Show.

Owners were on hand to discuss how they had improved their cars, with modifications ranging from resprayed bodywork to souped up exhausts and brand new engines and some stranger additions such as a bicycle bell and fake bullet holes.

Many belong to clubs and Lianne Swinn, of BB Modz, arranged for the enthusiasts to be at the show, organised in partnership with Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) and the emergency services.

She said: "We used to be in the boy racer scene. We had nowhere to go and made our own club and we meet up safely in car parks that we are given permission for.

"It does work. The message is getting across and people out there spend thousands on their cars because we all love cars and we love modifying them."

She said clubs offer an environment for enthusiasts to get help and advice when modifying their pride and joys.

Shows across the country also offer the chance for competitions and safe races.

At the weekend youngsters also attended talks by LRSP and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue about the importance of road safety.

Fire and Rescue's Graham Almack said: "We are trying to engage with younger drivers and get the safety message across and this event puts us in touch with those groups."

Pinchbeck's 21-year-old Steven Porter had a car confiscated by police last week as part of a boy racer crackdown in Holland Market.

He says people fail to understand the dedication put in by car enthusiasts who spend hours of their time and thousands of pounds meticulously keeping their cars in tip top condition.

He said: "I spend most of my time on my cars. Other lads scream about like idiots and that draws attention to everybody. When we meet up in car parks we are just a group of friends, just like any group of friends who meet in a pub, and we get together to talk about cars."

Jon Paul Chilvers' Volkswagen Golf has been kitted out with camouflage netting on the back seat, fake bullet holes in the side doors and has been re-sprayed.

He said: "I wanted to do it in my style and it has got a lot of attention. People say it's so different but to me it's normal."