Pair face eviction by Crown

David Allen pictured with his dog Rocco.
David Allen pictured with his dog Rocco.
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A Holbeach couple facing eviction from their home by royal landlords The Crown Estate have branded the move “tenant cleansing”.

David (66) and Christine Allen (53) have until August 31 to leave their home in Sluice Road unless they can find about £115,000 to buy it.

If they are forced out the couple will lose their pets, furniture and appliances in their refurbished kitchen as The Crown Estate look to sell about 30 properties in Lincolnshire to raise cash for the Government.

David said: “We had a letter from The Crown Estate in April telling us they were coming to see us which we thought was for an inspection.

“But they said ‘we have bad news – we’re giving you notice to quit and you’ve got until the end of August.’

“Before this, we had no gripes with The Crown Estate because we were led to believe that as long as we paid the rent, we’d be alright.

“But out of the blue, they knock on the door and say ‘here’s your notice’.

“Basically, it’s tenant cleansing, as opposed to ethnic cleansing.”

The Crown Estate owns about 750 homes across the UK, with a value of more than £8 billion.

Its decision to sell about 30 of its properties in Lincolnshire made national headlines last month when 12-year-old Jasmine Wright wrote to the Queen last month asking for help to save her family from being evicted from their home near Sleaford.

Christine said: “We chose to live here and we’ve put down a lot of roots over the past 18 years, but The Crown Estate has chosen to do this and it feels so unfair.

“It’s causing us a lot of stress, we’re not sleeping properly at night and it’s taking a lot away from us.

“All we want is a quick answer as to whether we can stay or where we can go.”

Holbeach district councillor Nick Worth said: “My issue with The Crown Estate is it’s displacing local people who can’t afford to buy their properties and adding to the housing list.”