‘Outstanding’ head takes over at struggling primary school

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A new headteacher is to take the helm at a Spalding primary school to steer it out of stormy waters.

Spalding Primary School received a satisfactory rating in a recent Ofsted inspection – meaning it needs to improve – and shortly afterwards headteacher Diane Scott went off sick.

She is still on sick leave and will now leave the school permanently at Christmas.

Pinchbeck East Primary School headteacher Tom Verity, who led his school to an oustanding rating at its latest inspection, has now been appointed executive head for both schools as they enter into a two-year “collaboration”.

Pinchbeck East itself was placed in special measures in 2004, removed from them in 2007 and achieved a “satisfactory” rating in 2009, before taking its place as one of just seven per cent of the country’s primary school to be labelled “outstanding” in June this year.

Meredith Teasdale, assistant director of children’s services at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “The collaboration is all about using the expertise of an outstanding school to help improve the standing of another.

“Although Spalding Primary is satisfactory under the new Ofsted ratings, this means that steps must be taken to improve.

“The headteacher of Pinchbeck East will take up the role of executive head for two years, which will give the governing bodies time to see the effects and make any future decisions beyond that.

“The aim is to use the expertise of Mr Verity, and other resources if necessary, to drive up standards at Spalding Primary.

“It won’t have any effect on the excellent standards of teaching at Pinchbeck East – these sort of collaborations are happening across the country and have proved successful. We look forward to seeing this partnership make a real difference.”