GUARDIAN ANGEL: The latest observations from our girl about town

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JUST a short spell on the benches outside Boots in Spalding can yield so much about society.

Angel spent 20 minutes there in the sunshine one lunchtime this week and heard a group of older men and women discussing their love lives, how one of the women’s latest arrest was her “roughest yet” and who was going to be “sorted out” next time they see him/her/them/it.

And Angel wasn’t even eavesdropping – these conversations were being broadcast loud enough for anyone in the circle to hear.

The funniest moment, though, was a young child breaking off from chasing pigeons to pick up a takeaway coffee cup discarded by the group and hurling it back at them.

No litterbugs, please.

• Angel doffs her halo to the car driver in Spalding who pulled a wheelspin as he emerged out of Hereward Road into Winsover Road last Friday at about 8.30am.

Not for the unnecessary display of showmanship (Angel would never condone such an act) but for managing the “feat” in an underwhelming Ford Ka.

• Angel has to spare a thought for the workers in the BT offices in Winsover Road who are now looking at white sheeting instead of the goings on at the traffic lights.

• Thanks to the extremely patient driver who followed Angel and her two children on bikes over the Monkshouse Lane traffic lights on Monday – it would have been easy for him/her to squeeze past as other inconsiderate drivers had done.

• A mate shared with Angel how much she’s been enjoying racy novel Fifty Shades of Grey. What she couldn’t believe is that her husband let all three e-books in the trilogy pass through his Amazon account without a murmur, a first for him. He’s loving it too, apparently.

• Celebrity spotting in the area is getting more like finding a needle in a haystack than ever. Angel’s been hoping in vain to introduce herself to Gregor Fisher (Rab C Nesbitt off the telly) for years, ever since he moved into his beautiful house in Double Street, Spalding. Now she’s heard it’s finally sold and he’s leaving. Ah well, his loss...

• Angel has been helping a new reporter to find their feet and save money at the same time.

He was facing a £50 taxi bill after reviewing a concert at the King’s Lynn Festival on Wednesday.

But instead of checking bus timetables and taxi ranks, the reporter will be making their own way there and back after Angel stepped in by offering the use of a pool car.

Talk about having the tools to do your job.

• Travellers on Main Road, Quadring, have been admiring an understated 2012 display for the last few weeks – five gym hoops tied into the Olympic rings and pinned to the garden wall.