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Nigel Chapman promotes forthcoming charity quiz.''Photo:
Nigel Chapman promotes forthcoming charity quiz.''Photo:
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I’m fed-up with people taking the chance to have an untimely dig at the Royal Family this week.

And one member who certainly doesn’t deserve it is The Queen herself.

Almost always throughout our history there has been no choice about becoming the monarch. It’s not something you can take a degree in at university – you’re born into the role. Imagine having that thrust upon you, rather than having some say about your career path.

If it wasn’t for her uncle abdicating, Elizabeth Windsor would not have even had to think about the throne. But that shock incident suddenly made her heir to it when her father became king.

Last year alone the Queen carried out 370 official engagements. Astonishing for someone half her age but she is 86 – and alongside her almost always is Prince Philip, who is 91 on Sunday.

If she remains queen until September 10, 2015, she will be the longest reigning British monarch.

Putting aside the cost of servicing the Royal Family, this past few days has been about acknowledging an incredible achievement. There will not be another Diamond Jubilee in our lifetime nor possibly for a few generations.

So it annoys me that people are quick to declare their boredom in the midst of two extra days off or make public their disdain for this week’s events. If you don’t like it, fine; just show a little respect and keep your apathy to yourself.

The Jubilee Concert on Monday night was brilliant viewing – all those artists on one stage just doesn’t happen ordinarily. Not once did it seem that the 70,000 crowd was anything less than carefree and savouring the moment.

The previous day, millions had been along the banks of the Thames for the river pageant. A dank day but, again, patriotism and enjoyment to the fore.

And then, of course, there were the 9,500 street parties and countless events at schools which brought everyone together for a while.

One of my earliest – and fondest – memories is as a six-year-old at a Silver Jubilee street party outside The Bull in Fleet Hargate in 1977.

Nostalgia has probably coloured fact but I think it was the first time I’d stayed up past midnight. What I do know for sure is that I loved it.

All too easily we’re quick to highlight the declining elements of our town and country. It seems to me some of us can’t even embrace a little respite.

Spalding Household Waste Recycling Centre – the tip in West Marsh Road – is a hot topic at the moment.

Apart from, it seems, at Lincolnshire County Council who kept reasonably quiet about it being open on Tuesday.

Yes, it’s on the website about bank holiday hours. But considering the council has been copping a lot of flak since a cut in opening times contributed to long queues for drivers, it might have been an idea for someone to have highlighted that fact in one of the many reports we’ve carried.

In the meantime, wait for the verges and dykes to start being dumping grounds.