Petition is launched after A15 nightmare

A four-car crash on the A15 in Thurlby just yards from where two 11-year-old girls were hit by a minibus.

A four-car crash on the A15 in Thurlby just yards from where two 11-year-old girls were hit by a minibus.

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More than 1,000 people have signed a petition calling for safety measures on the A15 where two girls were critically injured on their way home from school.

The e-petition asks for traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing on Main Road, Thurlby, after two 11-year-old students from Bourne Academy were hit by a minibus last Tuesday.

Both are still in a critical but stable condition in hospital after suffering head and abdominal injuries.

Lincolnshire County Council has said it is to cut the speed limit in the area where the crash happened from 60mph to 40mph, but the petition, launched on Thursday, could trigger a parliamentary debate on the issue if 100,000 people sign up by July 9.

The petition reads: “We as a village, and surrounding areas, are extremely concerned for the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

“There have been numerous accidents over the past few years and we are aware that speed limits are being reduced, but this just isn’t enough.

“Ideally, traffic lights and a crossing [should be installed] for the safety of the many schoolchildren in this village [of Thurlby].

“Something more has to be done before things get worse.”

The petition has been strengthened by three more accidents on the A15 in the space of just five days, including a four-car crash on Bourne Road, Thurlby, on Wednesday just yards from where the two girls were injured.

Thurlby Parish Council chairman Barry Dobson said: “We’ve finally got approval for a 40mph limit but what we’re now desperately trying to do is to get crossings put in on the A15 because it’s a very busy road.

“We’ve warned the county council in letters that this type of accident would happen so it’s absolutely vital to get crossings there.”

Bourne Academy headteacher Laurence Reilly said: “We will be contacting Thurlby Parish Council and supporting them in their lobbying to increase the safety for pedestrains crossing the A15 in the Thurlby area.

“We have also written to Lincolnshire County Council due to our concern about the safety of our students leaving the school site, on foot, on Queens Road, Bourne.”

Meanwhile, police closed the road for 30 minutes on Sunday to stage a reconstruction of the crash and anyone with information should call Insp Simon Heads on 101.

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