Mum says ‘dog poo problem is spoiling village’

Jenna Stalham, Lexi Hebbutt, Sally Croft, Fran Healands, (front)- Blake Hebbutt and Nicola Bryan look for dog mess in Surfleet.

Jenna Stalham, Lexi Hebbutt, Sally Croft, Fran Healands, (front)- Blake Hebbutt and Nicola Bryan look for dog mess in Surfleet.

A fed-up Surfleet mum is taking on selfish dog owners who leave their pets’ poo behind on pavements in the village.

Fran Healands (37) is spraying yellow powder on grot spots in Surfleet to highlight the problem of dog fouling and persuade people walking their dogs to be more responsible.

She claimed that parents had to “hop, skip and jump” over dog mess left on pavements while taking their children to school despite there being several new dog bins in the village.

Fran, who has two daughters herself, said: “The amount of dog poo left on pavements in Surfleet has got ridiculous and children are walking into it when they come to and from school.

“I saw some dog mess on Station Road a few days ago and we’ve nicknamed it the Yellow Brick Road because it was so bad.

“Three new dog bins have been put around the village but it’s not helped the problem at all because people are too ignorant to use them.

“I’ve talked to some mums who’ve had to hop, skip and jump over dog poo on the pavement and it’s got to the point where people who have a bugbear about the problem should try and do something about it.”

Fran wants South Holland’s dog warden to step up patrols in Surfleet to try and catch irresponsible dog owners who could face an instant fine of £50.

She added: “It’s been an ongoing problem here for as long as I can remember and the only way of dealing with is to highlight the fact that it’s messing up the streets.

“We’ve even had dog mess left on our own driveway and it’s disgusting, so it would be good to have the dog warden around more to keep an eye on the problem.”

Parish council chairman Mary Hurst said: “I understand that dog fouling has taken place on a pavement near the junction of Station Road and School Crescent and that’s the reason why we’ve put extra dog bins in the village.

“Our district councillors were helpful in funding them and steps have been taken to help dog owners be responsible.

“Now we’d like them to exercise that responsibility wisely by not allowing their dogs to cause situations that could be unhealthy for children in Surfleet.”

Surfleet district councillor Sally Slade said: “I thought the problem had gone away after we decided to put dog bins near the school which were paid for out of our designated budgets from the district council.

“There’s no excuse for it and it’s down to dog owners to be more responsible about their pets and less inconsiderate of other people.”




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