one way traffic plan for controversial village road

A TROUBLESOME riverside road could become one way to traffic.

The cause of problems affecting Glenside South is still a bone of contention between the Environment Agency and county council highways officials.

In a long-running saga each has accused the other of being responsible for the state of the cracking road alongside the River Glen between the east and west parishes of Pinchbeck.

The road has been operating on an access only basis for months while tests have been carried out and solutions considered.

On Monday Pinchbeck parish councillors learned in a letter from principal highways officer Dave Barnett that a one way scheme was the likely way ahead.

Some members were peeved that it seemed a done deal and there had been none of the promised consultation.

Coun Mrs Judith Withyman said: "I would like a consultation meeting where we are actually consulted, not a consultation meeting where we are told.

"There's all this guff in Government magazines and so on about the need for consultation and I thought this is what it meant.

"I would like a letter to go to highways saying consultation is actually that and we are pretty brassed off."

Mr Barnett said that it was not a fait accompli and an open meeting for the parish council and residents would be held.

He added: "The most cost effective way forward and probably the most suitable is a one way system."

Putting the road back as it was would require sheet piling the full length which would be a multi-million pound project.

Mr Barnett added: "We need to be in a position to open the road again and one way would be an experimental scheme. With that in place it would do away with the need to do major repairs right away."

The one way proposal didn't go down well with Glenside Motor Company, which claims to have lost more than 100,000 in trade since the road was closed to through traffic.

Proprietor Andrew Smalley said: "The one way proposal is absolutely ridiculous for anyone who has got a house or business on the road.

"It's taken eight months for someone to come up with a solution which could have taken five minutes.

"The simple solution would be a weight restriction to stop heavy lorries using it."

Highways says the results of traffic counts on Glenside South are still to come but the raft of improvements in the area will also include Glenside North and Northgate.